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Please read, Palomar JC, Phoenix Day school for the deaf.
Introducing the Calcomm OSP Field Engineering Academy

What is Calcomm Academy?

The CalComm Academy team has developed an exciting new training platform for the hearing-impaired. We are offering each training program in audio and closed caption, and granting specialized education services catered to the Hard of Hearing. To meet the unique cadences of each student’s study speeds, our program is enriched with multi-tier courses—introductory to intermediate—all of which help to build a core understanding of the engineering principles that guide our valued work in the telecommunications industry. Completion of the program will arm students with the knowledge and practice needed to support our carrier partners like AT&T, and provide less-advantaged students with greater employment opportunities within the field of engineering. To usher in the first group of students, we have crafted a three-tier aerial engineering program, including Make Ready Engineering, Pole Loading Analysis (PLA), and Quality Control. To meet growing nationwide demand for Traffic Control management, we are also offering a two-tier Traffic Control program:
  1. Typical and
  2. Custom TCP training. As more students enroll, we will be adding courses for GIS,  LiDAR, Trimble, and others.
But we need your help. With the support from the telecommunication and power industries alike, we will be able to help students achieve success in this field. Whether it is direct funding through grants, training/recruitment staffing for the hard of hearing, overflow work to enhance the practical portion of their training, or marketing efforts to get the word out, it is all necessary and deeply appreciated. To begin our campaign, we have laid groundwork with new and existing partners as well as numerous educational institutions in several states, including Palomar JC, Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, Galladet University, Gallaudet, Phoenix College, and UC Berkeley

What Classes are Offered?

We are selecting a number of students for pre-enrollment, beginning January 18th, 2021. See below to better understand our offerings and use the “Contact Us” page for more information, or to request an enrollment date. Once you purchase the course, CalComm will provide you temporary log in credentials for the system. Please ensure you meet the system requirements.

Aerial Engineering Program

  1. Structural Engineer: O-Calc Tier I (5 days – $1,200)
  2. Structural Engineer: O-Calc Tier II (7 days – $1,500)
  3. Make Ready Engineer: Tier I (5 days – $1,200)
  4. Make Ready Engineer: Tier II (7 days – $1,500)
  5. Clerical: Intent Authoring (3 days – $1,000)

Students that successfully complete the course(s) will have the ability to select work that improves or harnesses their skills. The idea behind the program is to allow the students to “re-coup” the funds spent on the course by accepting and completing actual work in return. This will be done only on the condition there is ready work available at the time of course completion. If you are a prospective student who wants a high level overview of what O-Calc is, you can access their platform through their website at or you can access free YouTube materials by typing O-Calc into the search bar.

Traffic Control Management

1. Traffic Control Planner – Tier I (5 days – $1,200)

This program will allow students to understand the basic concepts of Traffic Control Management and Engineering. The purpose of this class is familiarize students with the WATCH Manual, typical site plans, and how to begin drafting using templates in AutoCAD.

2. Traffic Control Planner – Tier II (7 days – $1,500)

This program dives deeper into the applications of the WATCH manual, and how to draft site-specific plans that require more detail in AutoCAD. Students who take this course will need to complete Tier I to qualify, or otherwise have experience drafting typical TTCP’s.


Please visit schedule calendar to see timeframe details

What Will You Learn?

CalComm Academy Syllabus

1) Aerial OSP Engineering (In Progress)

2) Traffic Control Management (In Progress)

How Can We Enroll?

Please register here

Let Us Help You

To enroll in the course, you must have at a minimum, a high school diploma or GED equivalent. We encourage students to avoid enrolling if there is difficulty understanding basic math functions.

We recommend a laptop with a minimum of two monitors for increased viewing capability. Processing speeds recommended by O-Calc can be found on their website, at, and below.

Operating System Requirements: Windows 64-bit with 8GB RAM. CalComm Academy will provide each student with the software download and login tool once enrolled.

CalComm Academy is headquartered in Long Beach, California. This is a remote-based learning organization meant to bridge students across time zones, thus in-person learning is not a requirement.

We are all about helping the community. If you are interested in reading more, please visit the Contact Us page or email for more details. You can also visit the Academy page where you or your company can sponsor a student, review helpful links and job postings, or request training services for your employees.