Calcomm Consulting LLC


Network Deployment Services (OSP)

FTTx – CalComm provides our clients with turn-key fiber network design from HLD to As-Built. Our network services include engineering fiber networks from hub to home (FTTH), commercial facilities (MDU/MTU), and network carrier nodes (5G small cell/DAS). Contact us to learn more about how CalComm can position your upcoming project for success.

Field Survey

Equipped with the best-in-class tools and talent, CalComm’s field survey technicians manage large amounts of volume without sacrificing quality. We provide a standalone and per footage rate for capturing data on underground or aerial facilities across the United States. Our proprietary digital administration of field work orders, coupled with the latest software, allows ease of integration with other computer-aided engineering software. This data can be exportable to other mediums automatically, thereby increasing overall project value and reducing departmental churn. Contact us to learn more about how CalComm’s field survey process can fit within your program.


CalComm has been successfully designing hundreds of outside plant projects for several years. Engineering telecommunications plant is the core of our services, and we take pride in the unique solutions we can provide to our clients. We listen to you and apply the process required to match our deliverable with your scope. We deliver the experience, value, and solutions you need from implementation to close-out.

Contact us to learn more about these services:

  •  Planning/Feasibilit
  • Franchising/Permitting
  • ROW Acquisition
  • Long Haul and Local, Feeder, and Distribution Design
  • Joint Use Applications
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Pole Attachment Permitting
  • Project Management
  • Staffing


Over the years, electric, fiber, and cable television companies have selected CalComm to provide a wide variety of services. Our staff is here to help your company meet the changing needs of today’s competitive marketplace. Look to us to help expand your product or service, shift resources, and to deliver the talent needed to meet new challenges.

Contact us to learn more about these services:

  • Power transmission/distribution
  • Strand Mapping
  • Make Ready
  • Pole Audit/Inspection
  • Meter Reading
  • Address Verification
  • ROW Acquisition
  • Underground Utility Locating
  • Subsurface Utility Design
  • TTCP
  • Permitting

Structural Engineering

Since our business was established, CalComm has provided structural analysis for over 50,000 utility poles across the United States. At our current capacity, we are able to provide 1,500-1,800 PLA’s per month, with the ability to scale quickly through use of our Training Program. CalComm’s Professional Engineers (PE) are able to stamp plans and pole loading analyses upon request. We provide a standalone rate for PLA to our clients, but this activity can also be packaged in with other scope items depending on your project need. We are able to use O-Calc, SPIDACalc, EZ-Load, Katapult, and Pole Foreman. There is not a single engineering company that can offer better rates with the same quality output. Contact us to learn more.

Traffic Control Plans